Benchmark Institute is a training and performance development organization dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of legal services to low-income communities.
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Purchase and Install

  Ten Questions to Ask Before You Consider Investing In Case Management Software
Office Filing Systems
Alternative Methods
Record Retention Policy
Designing a System
Equipment Sources
Costs to Budget
Purchase & Install

1. Make sure your equipment specifications are written into a purchase agreement or contract, along with the price, any trade-in agreement, expected delivery date, supplier's obligation for assembly, delivery charges, etc.

2. It is important to obtain realistic estimates of delivery time, since delays affect your planning timetable.

3. Make sure someone who is authorized to sign for the shipment is present when it is delivered.

4. Uncrate, assemble, and count all items before signing the delivery slip or invoice.

5. Be sure to note any discrepancies on the delivery slip and keep a copy of these notations for your records.

6. Add each item to your property inventory and issue and affix inventory tags, if applicable.

7. Decide where your equipment should be placed prior to delivery. Once installed, it will be difficult to move.