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Equipment Sources

  Ten Questions to Ask Before You Consider Investing In Case Management Software
Office Filing Systems
Alternative Methods
Record Retention Policy
Designing a System
Equipment Sources
Costs to Budget
Purchase & Install

1. Visit ─ via web site or in person ─ a reputable retailer who carries several different types and lines of filing equipment. Files, like furniture, come in various grades, from top of the line to economy. Try to settle on a specific grade and manufacturer based on features desired, durability, reputation, warranty, and cost.

Consider only durable, quality filing equipment. This doesn't mean you must look for-the very best, but beware of "economy" lines since filing equipment is used constantly and must hold up well over a long period of time.

2. Contact several vendors and compare prices of similar equipment.

3. Check with other organizations to see what types of equipment they're using.