Benchmark Institute is a training and performance development organization dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of legal services to low-income communities.
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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an integral part of the services that we provide. If you are interested in serving on the faculty of one of our trainings please let us know.

All of Benchmark's faculty members volunteer their time or their employers generously sponsor their participation. Faculty members must be highly competent in their work, excellent teachers and role models. New faculty are selected from those who have participated in both the College of Advocacy and Trial & Hearing Skills.

Volunteers play roles as clients (witnesses) for simulations that are an important part of our trainings. We have discovered some very talented actors in our midst!


Trial & Hearing Skills Training
TBA 2016
Volunteers play parts in a landlord/tenant trial. Each side has two witnesses. Commitment includes preparing your role, Friday evening interview by your attorney and Saturday trial at the Courthouse. For more information and "Audition" form, click here.
TBA 2016
We ask people to serve as jurors for the final simulation in our Trial & Hearing Skills Training. Jurors are an important part of making the trial as real as possible. We videotape jury deliberations so that the participants can see them and ask the jurors to give feedback to the participants. For more information and application form, click here.