Benchmark Institute is a training and performance development organization dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of legal services to low-income communities.
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Forty states' requirements are summarized with links at 

California Of the required 25 hours every 3 years, MCLE Rule 2.1.2 requires that "at least one shall relate to prevention, detection, and treatment of substance abuse and emotional distress, but no more than six shall relate to emotional distress…" 

Ohio Twenty-four hours are required every 2 years including one hour for ethics, one hour for professionalism and .5 hour for substance abuse.

Arizona Fifteen hours are required per calendar year including 3 hrs. ethics/professional responsibility, professionalism, substance abuse — including causes, prevention, detection and treatment alternatives, or ADR. 

Florida Over a 3 year period, each member must complete 30 hours, 5 of which are in the area of ethics, professionalism, substance abuse, or mental illness awareness. 

Pennsylvania Twelve hours per year including one hour ethics, professionalism, or substance abuse 

Tennessee 3.01 Fifteen hours per year, three of which deal with ethics and professionalism.

West Virginia Twenty-four hours over two years. including 3 hours ethics or office management or substance abuse per cycle. 

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