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Checklist of Common Objections


Keeping Evidence Out
Objection Planning Worksheet
Checklist of Common Objections
Leading/Non-Leading Question Cheat Sheet

To Form of Question

"Objection, your honor, the question (is):"

• Leading

• Ambiguous or Unintelligible

• Compound

• Argumentative

• Calls for Narrative Answer

• Calls for Speculation

• Misquotes a Witness

• Assumes Fact in Dispute or Not in Evidence

To Offered Evidence

"Objection, your honor, the question calls for an answer that is ....

• Irrelevant

• Hearsay

• Inadmissible Opinion

• Insufficient Foundation

• Improper Impeachment

• Improper Rehabilitation

• Not the Best Evidence

• Inadmissible Parole Evidence

• Cross-Examination Exceeds Scope of Direct Examination