Benchmark Institute is a training and performance development organization dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of legal services to low-income communities.
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Wage and Hour
Family & Medical Leave
Unemployment Insurance
State Disability Insurance
Workplace Health & Safety
Workers Compensation
Employment Discrimination
Wrongful Termination
National Employment Law Project, former LSC support center, has a treasure trove of helpful publications including materials NELP has created specifically to assist workers to understand their workplace rights and learn about how to access benefits. NELP also sponsors six discussion groups for advocates to discuss issues.

The Legal Aid Society Employment Law Center has good client education materials on employment law.

  • 10 Facts About Employment Law [PDF]
  • Anti-War Protests [PDF]
  • Arbitration [PDF]
  • COBRA: Continuation of Health Benefits after Employment [PDF]
  • Criminal Records and Employment [PDF]
  • Employer Bankruptcy, Sale, or Abandonment [PDF]
  • Employment Discrimination [PDF]
  • Health and Safety Protections in the Workplace [PDF]
  • Independent Contractor or Employee? [PDF]
  • Military Reservists [PDF]
  • Pension Rights [PDF]
  • Personnel File [PDF]
  • State Disability Insurance: An Overview of SDI Benefits [PDF]
  • Wrongful Termination [PDF]
  • Your Rights During a Mass Layoff or Closing [PDF]

Labor Unions

  • Duty of Fair Representation [PDF]
  • Union Activity: The Right to Organize [PDF]

Unemployment Insurance

  • Overview of Unemployment Benefits [PDF]
  • Ability to Work [PDF]
  • Availability for Work [PDF]
  • Eligibility After Being Fired from a Job [PDF]
  • Eligibility After Quitting a Job [PDF]
  • Eligibility Requirements [PDF]
  • Past Earnings Requirements [PDF]

 Wage and Hour Law

  • Overview of Wage and Hour Law [PDF]
  • Alternative Workweeks [PDF]
  • Changes in Pay [PDF]
  • Collecting Your Judgment [PDF]
  • Comp Time [PDF]
  • Deductions from Pay [PDF]
  • Exemptions from Overtime Pay [PDF]
  • Getting Your Final Paycheck [PDF]
  • Filing a Claim for Unpaid Wages [PDF]
  • Meals and Breaks [PDF]
  • Minimum Wage [PDF]
  • Overtime Pay [PDF]
  • Pay Days, Late Pay, Bounced Paychecks [PDF]
  • Severance Pay [PDF]
  • Tips and Tip Pooling [PDF]
  • Uniforms, Tools and Equipment [PDF]
  • Vacation and Sick Pay [PDF]

Youth Employment

  • Workplace Safety, Health and Injuries [PDF]

The Gender Equity Program


  • Pregnancy Discrimination [PDF]
  • Sexual Harassment [PDF]

Domestic Violence

  • Job-Guaranteed Leave to Go to Court [PDF]
  • Job-Guaranteed Leave to Obtain Services [PDF]

 Family and Medical Leave

  • Caring for a Family Member [PDF]
  • Pregnancy, Prenatal Care, Bonding [PDF]
  • Your Own Serious Health Condition [PDF]

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

  • Gender Identity Discrimination [PDF]
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination [PDF]

The National Origin, Immigration and Language Rights Program

  • Employment Rights of Undocumented Workers [PDF]
  • Language Discrimination [PDF]

The Disability Rights Program

  • Disabilities in Higher Education [PDF]
  • Disabilities in the Workplace [PDF]
  • Mental Health Disabilities in the Workplace [PDF]
  • State Versus Federal Law Protections [PDF] [HTML

The Farmworker Justice Fund
The Farmworker Justice Fund, Inc. helps empower migrant and seasonal farmworkers to improve their wages and working conditions, labor and immigration policy, health and safety, and access to justice. The site has good information on federal laws and pending legislation.

The Labor & Employment
Law Project at California Rural Legal Assistance links to federal and state legislation on wage & hour, unemployment insurance, guest worker issues as they pertain to farm workers.