Benchmark Institute is a training and performance development organization dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of legal services to low-income communities.
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General Education Laws

California Education Code, regulations, waivers, and other laws pertaining to education in California.

2005 Chaptered K-12 Education Legislation

Civil Rights 101
A short introduction to civil rights law including school desegregation, affirmative action, women, people with disabilities, gay men and lesbians, Asians, Latinos, race, class and economic justice. 

Civil Liberties
“We have rights too! A guide to some of the Most Important Questions that Students Have About Civil Liberties."

Law Related School Issues
Articles and court opinions on law related school issues by attorney and former teacher, Rich Kitchens.

“Manual for Grandparent-Relative Caregivers and Their Advocates” (Jan.2002)
This manual discusses a variety of issues of concern to parents, grandparents and other relatives who are primary caregivers including information about enrolling children for school, compulsory attendance, immunization requirements, children with disabilities, child care, duties of guardians.
Language Rights
High Stakes Testing
Gender Issues
No Child Left Behind
Students With Disabilities
Migrant Education
Homeless Student Education
School Reform
School Discipline
Immigrant Issues
Charter Schools
Runaway Teens