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Direct Examination Skills

Direct Examination Skills
Direct Examination Fundamentals

Goals of Direct
Set and accomplish goals that further case theory.

Organization & Development
Organize direct to maximize the decision maker's comprehension and retention while telling a coherent story.

Use effective transitions and good sequencing.

Develop the witness' background to make the testimony relevant and real without losing the decision maker's attention by including too much detail.

Use short and simple questions that witnesses and decision makers understand.

Choose words that advance objectives.

Avoid leading except where appropriate.

Questions generated minimum number of valid objections

Use tone, pacing and physical gestures that enhance the direct.

Problem Anticipation
Meet any objections.

Surface and explain potential vulnerabilities.

Authenticate exhibits.

Mark and refer to exhibits by identifying numbers.

Introduce at appropriate time.

Use Effectively.

Communicate an effective attitude toward the witness.

Communicate an appropriate attitude toward the judge/jury.